The Top 5 Things I learned on Pilgrimage

Presentation to the staff of Marian College Sunshine West January 2018. Last year when I returned from pilgrimage I shared a TINY piece of my journey in the morning briefing.  I remember rambling and being so excited and not really saying anything except how amazing it was. So today, instead of doing a boring PowerPoint … Continue reading The Top 5 Things I learned on Pilgrimage


“We are all just walking each other home”


Last night 14 pilgrims met in front of Our Lady in Presentation Place, Star of the Sea College, Brighton. We hugged and smiled and laughed and it felt like we had only seen each other yesterday. I love that it is going to be like this!

After a glass of bubbly and some canapés Judeline took us on a tour of the historical buildings on campus and it felt like just one more day on our pilgrimage. The history of the Presentation Sisters in Victoria and the courage and strength of the women was incredibly moving and told so well by Jude, Bern and the treasures and photos surrounding us.

I was distracted by this cat being walked by it’s servant.

While we ate and laughed over dinner, a collection of photographs played in the background bringing to mind precious memories and those of us who were not present.


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A crumb of bread a drop of wine contains the whole mystery of our faith.

Sorry I’m late with our wonderful day at Glendalough.


Day 14

Another early start. On our way to Glendalough Monastic ruins founded by St Kevin in the 6th century. We have done a Celtic swirl and going back to the roots again.

At the site we watched a Dr Peter Harrison video on monasteries which was fascinating and which I have been unable to find online.

The we had a one hour tour with a guide who outlined the major buildings of importance on the site as well as taking us into the chapel that is rarely open.

Today was the coldest we have ever been. Freezing! Some of us had to go and find the bus driver to get into their suitcases for warmer clothes.
Then the wonderful part of the visit happened. The completely unexpected but peaceful and mindful walk with Father Michael Rodgers.

Father Michael took us on walk through the national park with purpose. At…

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Come, Listen, Live.


Day 13

Goodbye Tullow Hello Kildare

We said good bye to the Oaks of Tullow to return to our spiritual home, the home of Brigid – Kildare – the church of the Oak.

We passed through the Curragh which is a flat open plain of almost 2,000 hectares of common land in County Kildare. When St Brigid became intent on founding a monastery in Kildare town, she asked the High King of Leinster for the land on which to build it. When he granted her as much land as her cloak would cover, she then placed her cloak on the ground to cover the entire Curragh plain. Today it is the heart of Irish race horse training. There are lots of interesting facts about it that you can read hereThe Curragh

Some of us may have see the roundabout with a wonderful Sculpture of Fionn Mac Cumhail and his…

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St Kevin at Glendalough and Fr Michael Rodgers 

Thank you Michael for your priestly presence, your deep appreciation of God's earth and all her creatures and for your poetry today, the penultimate day of our KM pilgrimage. It has been a rich and inspiring day  personally as we have followed the journey of St Kevin and deepened our understanding of the contemplative spirit … Continue reading St Kevin at Glendalough and Fr Michael Rodgers 

Binding the threads together


Day 12
Kristen and I were rostered on for prayer today. Kristen is a very organized person and had brought laminated pictures and an outline. She told me this on our first day together so I wondered to myself what input I could offer. In the end we worked well together! The organized and the carefree!

We created a beautiful centrepiece with the Kildare Ministries colours and candles that shaped an early version of a Brigidine cross that also represented the joining of the three streams we heard about on Saturday: Megolithic, Celtic and Christian spirituality.

Kristen connected Teach Bhrïde with our mission and asked pilgrims to choose a picture that spoke to them about the connections they have made. We reflected to quiet music by Loreen McKennit – The Mystic’s Dream, (listen Hereand then shared with the person next to us. Kristen then invited us to share with…

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On the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.


Day 11 – Sunday in Tullow

We had a sleep in and relaxed start before heading to Mass at 11am. The choir surprised us with Hymn to Brigid (which I have never heard but other schools sing as their school song). It was harvest Sunday so the altar was decorated with a plentiful bounty.

The church is where Daniel Delaney is buried and there is also a chapel to St Brigid.

After lunch we prepared for this evenings Liturgy with our small groups. Each group was in charge of a period of the Celtic Calendar. My group was assigned Winter which encompasses the Winter Soltice and Christmas as part of the combined calendars. After a very serious brainstorm we settled on evoking the feeling of Christmas at the and time as reflecting on the blessings of winter as a time to retreat and nest and rest before Spring. After settling…

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